Apple Family moments

this time I will blog for all of you, Sheilla, Nathalie, Francisco, Verena, Antoine, Giuliano, Mario, Rodrigo, Lex and Hiroshi :)

there are too many wonderful memories to fit them all, but here are some great pictures of my time with the Apple Family. I've never told you why we are called Apple Family. haha it's very simple, the majority of the house have mac computers! anyway. these pictures make me happy, and helps me not to forget these three months with all of you in 1103

Nathalie, Sheilla and Lex came to the airport with me to say goodbye. I had a smiley pie from Nathalie to make me keep my smile instead of crying when I left. I cried anyway. but the pie was very sweet :)

I have to start with one of my favorite weekends. The "doing absolutely nothing but eating sushi, taking bullshit pictures on Nathalies macbook and just figured out that I had a broken foot from a FAT GUY weekend"

we celebrated St Patricks Day with a crying and very drunk Hiroshi. it looks like Nathalie is wearing purple on this picture but only a short time later she was wearing green!!!! moahaha

this is the beginning of our MOVIEMARATHON!

first time with Healthy Burgers. and with Nena!

sometimes we had house parties. and they ended like this. .

cinnamon buns. what more can I say? im looking forward to the day Nathalie and Francisco will let me taste their very own buns. no excuse, you had your lessons.

the Ivy

probably one of the best BBQ ever

we had a birthday party for Francisco. I think he liiiiiiiiiiiiiiked it!

after a night at la Cita we ended up eating spaghetti bolognaise a la Sheilla at 5am

Manly on a sunny day

Drinking game. .

we like wine and even more the winebar (Ragu) in Westfields foodcoart.

Chinese Laundry. not my favorite place, but you are definitely two of my favorites!

and there is much much more, but Ill save it for later.
thank you. I miss you alreasy

Sandra / Babydoll

Postat av: Anna

Jätte fint vännen. Dem är förmodligen lika ledsna för att du åkt som jag är lycklig för att du kommer hem! SES SNART<3

2011-05-31 @ 16:06:57
Postat av: andrea

börja lipa lite av det där. fina!

2011-06-01 @ 11:22:22
Postat av: Francisco

You are the best sweetie! thank for be the way you are! puss

2011-06-01 @ 13:22:11
Postat av: Sheilla

I <3 U! ThnQ for everything and for being our sister and bringing joy and laughter in our home :) I am glad that you can see all your family and friends in Sweden again. We're skyping soon, ok? xxx

2011-06-10 @ 05:29:44

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